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30 Mei 2010


Baby panda:Mom,what are you smoking?
Mommy panda:I`m not smoking you idiot,I`m eating
Baby panda:What are you eating then?
Mommy panda:Bamboo stalk
Baby panda:I prefer pizza
Mommy panda:Pizza is expensive,anyway panda like us dont eat that my dear,it's human food
Baby panda:Then,I wish we both human mom
Mommy panda:If we both human,you die
Baby panda:Why?
Mommy panda:Coz,I will finally know where and how to bury you,now I still dont know yet
Baby panda:....err....bamboo is delicious too...

a.i.d.e.a.l f.i.t.r.i 1986-????
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  • Date : Mei 30, 2010
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