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23 Mei 2009

Tips Kejayaan-Power Visualization

Hi Miji,

Times passes quickly when you are learning
great stuff, doesn't it? A pat on your back
for staying till day 3!

Today's lesson is on power visualization.
Actually, the term "visualization" is a misnomer.

With this technique, you will be using more than
just your visual faculties. When you do Power
Visualization, besides seeing what you desire,
you will also hear it, smell it, taste it, and
feel it.

Whatever you think about most often expands in your life.

Miji, so if you are constantly worried about
not having enough money, you will get more life experiences
of not having enough money.

Focusing on opportunities to make money will get
you a thousand times further than worrying about
the lack of it.

But Power Visualization is more than just positive
thinking. It's about putting your mind and body
in the ideal place first, and then flooding your
subconscious with a colorful experience of life as
you want it.

The more relaxed you are, the more open your
subconscious is to receive the messages you want
to send it. And the more senses that you involve
in your Power Visualization, the more of an impact
it will have.

Here's another important characteristic of the
subconscious mind: it can't tell the difference
between your outer world and your imagination.

Meaning that if you visualize an event in great
detail and with a lot of emotion, your subconscious
mind will believe that it's really happening.

And the more times you practice Power Visualization
properly, the more "real" it will seem to your

This is key because once it believes your visualization
to be a fact; it will feel tension when your current
outer reality doesn't match up.

It will then go your assistance by sending you ideas,
opportunities and motivation to transform your outer

Joel Chue| Mind Power

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