Follo Molo

24 Mei 2009


Hi Miji,

Ah, the final lesson. But I really don't want
our relationship to end here. I recently discovered
that my life's purpose is to teach others. Not in the
sense of a teacher in a classroom lecturing students
on what is correct and what isn't.

I want to teach by sharing my thoughts and experiences.
I want to teach you, right here, right now.

I hope that by reading this eCourse and performing
the mind techniques, you will walk away from it not
only a better person, but also confident in the fact that
you can face any challenge and reach any goal.

The key lesson:

If you can master your mind, you can have anything
you want.

Most people tend to overlook the power of the mind.
Many successful people understand the basal factor to
success in life BEGINS with inside, the mind. While
majority of the masses continue to fumble and search
frantically for "tools", they hone their minds instead.

The clarity and strength of the mind is the most
fundamental factor to success. With a clear direction
internally, you are set to overcome any obstacle and
emerged triumph. Master your mind and you master your
destiny. That's my personal guarantee to you.

Joel Chue| Mind Power

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