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04 Julai 2009

Your Subconscious Is The Secret To The Law of Attraction

Your Subconscious Is The Secret To The Law of Attraction

by Dr. Eric Amidi
Quantum Physicist
Author of "The Secret Behind The Secret"

"Why do some people attract accidents in their everyday life?", I'm often asked.

Picture this: It's 5 pm and you just got out of work. You get in to your car and start driving your usual route back home. But as you are driving, your mind starts to drift away.

Your mind begins processing what happened today at work, or maybe you make plans for what to do for the evening. As you lose yourself in deep thought, all concept of time disappears.

Before you know you are in front of your garage door at home. You drove all the way from the office to home without consciously being aware of it. You took all the right turns, stopped at stop signs and traffic lights, without remembering to have done so.

Almost as if you were on autopilot.

What led your way as you were making your trip from work to home without being aware of it?

Your subconscious mind or what I call the lower self.

Through everyday repetition, the process of getting home from the office was internalized and etched on your subconscious mind.

In a manner of speaking, you attracted your home to you!

This is how the law of attraction works. This is the secret behind the law of attraction.

If your subconscious mind, or lower self, is programmed wrong you will attract accidents to you without you even being consciously aware of having done so.

The law of attraction can work for you in the same way in every aspect of your life.

For example, think about the secret behind wealth creation for a second.

The richest people always seem to attract more wealth, no matter what they do. It's as if wealth was coming to them by some strange force.

Now, it should be clear how they utilize the law of attraction.

They have programmed their lower selves. They do all of this subconsciously.

The subconscious mind or the lower self is a powerful component of the manifestation process and the secret behind the law of attraction.

Now, what is the most effective way to program you subconscious and etch anything you desire onto your lower self?

Dr. Erici Amidi is the bestselling author of "The Secret Behind The Secret". If you like to know more about Dr. Eric Amidi's work, please visit Dr. Eric's official site at

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